Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I made it to the airport, so here am I.......

I'm in Guadeloupe...

I'm so tired I do need some serious rest.

Yesterday I went to the beach and that was it, just didn't feel like doing anything else, today I went for some shopping, it wore me out.....
I forgot my camera and there were so many beautiful things to photograph ( yellow flamboy, cemetery of Morne-a-l'eau,...)
... well, well too bad for me, next time I'll try to be a little bit less scatterbrain...
Let me tell you about Guadeloupe
First, the island is shaped like a butterfly, actually you have two parts : Grande-terre and Basse-Terre, they are separated by a narrow sea channel called La Riviere-Salee.
Second, Guadeloupe comprises five islands: Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre with the adjacent islands of La desirade, les saintes and Marie-Galante. Basse-Terre has a rough volcanic relief whilst Grande-Terre features rolling hills and flat plains.

Further to the north, St Barthelemy and the French part of St Martin come under the jurisdiction of Guadeloupe. In 2003, both of these areas voted to become an overseas territorial collectivity.
The archipelago is 1106,04 sq miles (1780 square km)
Basse-Terre 526,92 sq miles (848 square km)
Grande-Terre 365,99 sq miles (589 square km)
The population is approximately 440 000
The official language is French, but creole is widely spoken


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